Leveraging DNA Targeted Technology against Hard-to-Treat Diseases

Oncogenuity uses a targeted gene approach to isolate and displace mutant DNA, with single base pair mismatch sensitivity, that contribute to genetically driven diseases. Our proprietary delivery platform penetrates cells with DNA analogs (ONCOlogues) that are capable of binding to gene sequences 1,000 times more effectively than native DNA.

ONCOlogues are highly specific, with limited off-target toxicity and potentially fewer side-effects than existing drug treatments. This selectivity enables us to target specific mutations in genetically-driven cancers that were once considered to be undruggable, paving the way for new, safe, and effective treatment options.

Advantages Over Antisense RNA & Small Molecules

ONCOlogues represent a promising evolution beyond existing antisense RNA and KRAS inhibitor therapies. Existing therapies suppress cell replication by binding to either mRNA or mutant proteins. Our ONCOlogue platform works “upstream” of both these approaches, arresting cell proliferation before DNA is transcribed. ONCOlogues have several advantages, including:

  • ONCOlogues rely on the physical chemistry of complementary binding, not on cellular processing or other cellular mechanisms.
  • ONCOlogues “attack the root of the problem” at the DNA level, before mutations proliferate into mRNA or proteins.
  • ONCOlogue efficiency is not impeded by new mutations outside the target sequence.

Uniquely Targeted Gene Therapy

ONCOlogues are sensitive to single base pair mismatches in mutant DNA. They invade the DNA double helix in a cell and bind to the mutant gene, obstructing mRNA transcription. This prevents protein formation, putting a halt to cell proliferation or functions caused by a mutated protein. ONCOlogues target only genes that are disease-specific. Their high degree of specificity allows them to silence mutated genes without impacting healthy genetic material.

Additionally, ONCOlogues have the potential to thwart viral transcription and replication by binding to viral RNA before a virus hijacks cellular machinery. In particular, ONCOlogues may be a compelling therapeutic option for viruses with single-stranded RNA genomes, such as coronaviruses.

Our Exclusive Technology

We have exclusive ownership of the ONCOlogue platform, which provides the opportunity to take gene-silencing to the DNA level. Our IP portfolio includes:


Granted and broad patents in the US, EU, and Japan.


Patents and patent applications that expire no earlier than December 2034, not including extensions.

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