A New Hope for Genetically Driven Diseases

Oncogenuity is a biopharmaceutical company committed to developing and commercializing new treatments for genetically driven diseases. Our lead asset targets the KRAS mutation G12D, which plays a significant role in pancreatic and colorectal cancers, as well as other “untreatable” cancers of considerable unmet need.

Our core technology focuses on the delivery of PNA’s (peptide nucleic acids). The PNA acts as a targeting sequence for gene-silencing. These targeting sequences are interchangeable, and we plan to aggressively pursue both oncology and non-oncology genetic mutations where gene silencing can be effective.

We are a partner of Fortress Biotech, and we have an exclusive licensing agreement with Columbia University to develop oligomers (ONCOlogues) that attack genetically driven diseases at the DNA level.

Invading Mutant DNA Strands

Our proprietary ONCOlogue platform creates novel therapeutics which invade mutant DNA strands, halting mRNA transcription, and preventing mutant proteins from being created. ONCOlogues are sensitive to single base pair mismatches which gives the opportunity to target a number of diseases with the hope of limited off target toxicity.

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A Range of Therapeutic Potential

We have established proof-of-concept for ONCOlogues in a preclinical setting. Our robust pipeline also includes discovery work evaluating the platform’s efficacy against COVID-19 and various other genetic disorders.

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We Invest in Our Partners

At Oncogenuity, we actively seek additional partners who share our mission of bringing life-altering drugs to market.

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Innovation Defines Our Leadership

Our leadership team is made up of seasoned biotech entrepreneurs, who share deep and broad expertise in drug discovery, development, and commercialization.